Gungan Cut-Throat

A pirate and a calous murderer, specialising in sub-aquatic raids and ambushes. He acts as a scout and forms part of the advance party for the Gungan Pirates.

Could also be used as an Assassin, Scout, Theif, Rogue or Saboteur.

Evan Black

Man, that would be one cutthroat accountant. Get it?

I love the final level of detail on this piece. He seems well equipped without be laden with an overabundance of gear (or morals). Brutal!


Well, were this guy a cutthroat accountant. He wouldn't be one of the ol' bean counters, he'd be the bean pusher! :)

Btw, love the exquisite detailing on the knife, gauntlet, wrist band, and how you do the skin patterning is really something!


Hmmm...his expression seems to me to be more of an "excuse me?" than a "doom gaze." In other words, more skeptical than piercing or merciless. Gives him a "human" touch; he's not some hunk of blood and flesh who happens to have a knife and finds he has a special talent in drawing that knife across throats.


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