Jacen Baurne, Mercenary

Jacen Baurne, Mercenary. Character portrait request for EliasWindrider

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In short, EliasWindrider wanted a male human mercenary, in a body suit with some powered armor pieces similar to the female version he posted via image link. While I couldn't provide the exact suit he was asking for, I was able to provide a similar outfit, mix and matching with a second set. Same deal with the Carbine. The pose however I was able to match close enough. The background and scene was left open to the artist.

So, I had an elevator / bridge / landing platform I was able to use, and modified it show as having multiple ports. Then I chose a nice open ocean for a landscape with a bit of early morning haze / mist on the horizon. While I provided some initial lighting setup sample renders, what really helped was getting Elias online in yim chat, as we were able to spend a couple evenings custom tailoring the scene to his preferences. I was able to toss up multiple test renders and screencaps of the scene within the 3d app, until Elias was satisfied.

From there on, I finished up the scene adding a few extra sets and models I had on hand, an AA-9 Civilian transport (as scene in SW II, Anakin and Padme boarding for Naboo ala low profile after Jango's failed assassination attempt). And a freebie offshore UofS type platform by Chris Muir @ ShareCG which only needed an extra passenger boarding bridge to connect to the AA-9 transport. The triple platform and ships are distanced around 4km - 8km behind the character, with some camera depth of field added in the render settings.

I would've liked to add more little details and props, but Carrara had begun crashing midway through the final good quality render, so it was a bit trial and error finding out the culprit. Unfortunately, it took longer than I expected, having been busy with seasonal outdoor cleanup. I had to go back and tweak a few minor details and re-render a good quality version, thus a little extra delay.

No postwork done on this image, save for adding my signature. Enjoy!


Thanks TNJadeonar, this is REALLY close to what I was hoping for... TNJadeonar was very patient with the back and forth. (By the way what color is his hair?) I think that the scenery makes the picture, one of the details that I like is how the hover droid is partially silhouetted against the horizon with just a tad over the elevator section. For the rest of you, this http://images.community.wizards.com/community.wizards.com/user/eliaswin…
was the armor I had requested (but I did not expect anyone to find a 3D model of it), and he got the helmet pretty much dead on.


Your welcome, I try :)

If intermediate 3d modeling were part of my skill set, modeling a near replica set of male armor would've been iffy, not wanting to step on anyone's toes, then theres still some room for interpretation since its a pose limiting the view of the armor on the frontal side. Though I'm happy I was able to provide a similar in function set of armor from one of the figure apparel sets I did own. The helmet was from a different and freebie set, since it resembles a certain likeness to another powered suit of armor. I used my own custom made shader, and applied it to the hard armor pieces, so they appeared to be part of a matching set.

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