Jak Attack

I was going for a more real feel but as I progressed it looked more and more cartoonish so I added a dark outline and came out with this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine that you did Tuss.


It's beautiful. The fur and the clothes are so detailed and the rain in the background is subtle but really adds atmosphere.

Love it :D


Thank you guys...still trying to figure out why I always start out so strong and the it turns into an ADD 2 year old with over-sized crayon thing. And mercy, you can see where I messed up and put the gloves to low on the wrist, so they are two toned and I added air holes, knuckle holes and went fingerless. Sometimes goofs work out. There are so many dots on that face and other various spots. My poor girlfriend was like are you done with that yet, and...really?


Oh Casca!!!! I LOVE IT!! Seriously, dude, thank you so much... augh, look at her little wet nose there, ahaha! Her face is absolutely PERFECT.

I am crazy astounded that something you regard as 'cartoonish' is... is infinitely more detailed and realistic than anything I've ever put my hand to, haha. I mean... look at that peeling paint on the background behind her! This is amazing even if it's NOT finished in the way you'd originally planned.

Totally the most badass depiction of Jak to date. LOVE IT. Couldn't be happier right now. :D


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