Jedi Rim Retreat

In the more remote parts of the galaxy it is unlikely there will be any permamently-staffed offices or enclaves for Jedi or Antarian Rangers. Nonetheless, the small groups of Jedi or Rangers who travel to those locations will wish a secure area in which they can rest, plan, meet or relax, free from political support or repurcussions. The Retreat above is representative of such a retreat or refuge, intended to support a small group of 6-12 Jedi or Rangers for short periods of time.
Whilst shut-down, or idle, for most of the time, it is staffed by a pair of small cleaning droids and a communications/protocol droid who forwards all relevant messages to the nearest staffed enclave. The walls and doors are secure: unless staffed, or the protocol droid receives the correct request and authorisation, the main door can only be unlocked and opened from the outside by someone with Force skills able to manipulate the small tumblers located inside the door (minimal Move Object skills).
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