Louen Keth

A very old request by Jerren, blog HERE;

"Character Name: Louen Keth
Profession: Jedi Weaponmaster
Age: 24
Race: Human (Kaldarian)

Description: Louen has soft facial features, with very little facial hair, he has quite long dark brown hair (in the same style as an older Jacen Solo). He dresses in ornate dark blue Jedi Robes with a gold trim and black combat boots. On his face are a number of silver zebra stripe style tattoos, which curve towards his mouth. He bears a Cyan double bladed saber, which has a thinner hilt than most sabers to lighten its wait, to compliment his Ataru style. Physically he stands about 6 ft tall, with a moderate build and strong upper body.

The pic: I was hoping one of you could do a pic of Louen standing in some kind of peaceful and calm enviroment, such as a lake or forest, with his lightsaber activated in an Ataru stance. Add anything you want, such as a wind effect to make it look cooler."

I got a reply from the requester but no confirmation of the final piece, so here it is anyway...


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