Masters of Teras Kasi

Two masters of Teras Kasi engage in exhibition fighting in their sky-dojo, above the clouds of Coruscant.

Lord Crumb

Ultimately cool!!!!  Good job. :)  The colors are great and the poses of the sparring partners is excellent.  Did you use any reference of martial arts ppl sparring?


So good from so many angles! I love what you do with colours the best, though. Very nice toning of the Mirialan so that her skin blends with the rest of the image, rather than sticking out like a sore green thumb.

Also this transparent-background-thing you got going on is neat.


Damn Asok! This turned out really cool! The background looks much better than I originally envisioned in my head when it was suggested.



This is so awesome!  The action pose is spot-on, I love the detailing on the clothing, the background is beautiful and perfectly suited to the picture... Bravo, Asok, bravo!!


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