Modified YT-1300

This is a Modified YT-1300 based on various blueprint designs that are floating around out there. I don't normally do vehicle designs so this was kind of an interesting experiment.


Very nice, I really like it. It looks original at the same time as it has the classic feel. Very cool! :D



For not doing vehicles you did a beautiful job on this one. Nicely done.



This looks really good. I love the style, not all pixelated like MS Paint. What did you use to make it? Illustrator?



NOW i got it!

This is the modification that made them do the YT-1930, its a perfect match between them, the center cockpit from the YT-1930 but the smaller cargohold of the YT-1300.

And i agree for not making theese kinds of pictures you sure did a great job!


I have a tip to prevent pixalation in MS Paint, as I have to use it for a lot of my web banners, etc. Save it as a bitmap image and then use a program like IrfanVeiw (beats spending nearly a £1000 on photoshop), however, you do sometimes get pixalation on large areas of flat colour, though. MS Paint also blurs images as well when you try to save them as a Jpeg. I've also found that using different shades of the same colour cuts down on pixalation.


Saving as .png also solves your pixelation problems if you're willing to step outside of working with JPEGs. ;)