A monster, a monster

I've turned into a monster

(Practising environments and lighting and stuuufff.)

Lord Crumb

Great anticipation about what is on the other side of that sheet.  The suspence is building.  Great job.


I really like all three of the new ones.  This is my favorite.  What a great illustration of a point in time! Like the previous coments said, the light & shadows and sense of imminent danger are great.

I like how the silhoette is not monotone, that there are some light and dark value to it.  It really relays that we're looking at a 3D being behind a curtain rather than just a cast shadow.

The curtain effect is amazing.  It's one of those things you almost dont notice because the eye is drawn to the silhouette, but you nailed it.  There is no question that we are looking at the curtain hanging in a room. It appears to be a simple play of light and dark, but I don't know if I could have figured out how to create it and make it believable.  Very well done!


Cheers!! :D

I'm glad the curtain/shadow effect worked as I'd planned... man, I must have stared at hundreds of images of figures behind curtains to work out what I needed to do! I was really worried for a while that the curtain half of the image would look completely disjointed from the rest, so it was a real relief to have it all come together the way it did.


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