Munchie Men

These gung-ho thugs carry out the cruel orders of Grith Sak'yal. They look like pirates and low-life bums, but the weapons and armor they wear suggest some serious funding backs up their criminal operations.


Woot! Thugs / Mercs for hire! No matter where a group goes, theres never a shortage of instances where you need to introduce some 'higher end' thugs / mercs.

These guys could also be 'Cops for Hire - private police for Hutts.

Heck, these guys are dressed up quite a bit that could also work as New Republic SpecOps.

Gotta love the universality of this picture. Btw, love the black with red trimming outfits. The visor / headband combo is a nice touch.

Evan Black

Actually, he was supposed to be a Bothan with close-cropped fur, but he came out looking more like a Shistavanen. So I guess he's whatever. :) The other one is a Nikto, of course.

I'd never thought of this picture as being 'universal', but I can now see how these guys could pass for New Republic soldiers, or have applications outside my narrow imaginings for them. Cool!


Woah, awesome job once again! Their design is great, really original battle suits, and the goggles are a nice touch as well.

Great job on the poses and the colors, too. That is looking very sleek. :D It's a pity you don't have a hi-res version of it.

Oh, and the Bothan/Shistavanen even has a bit of Defel touch, lol. But in any regard, his expression and fur look top-notch.

What blasters are they wielding, this time? I can't seem to recognize them, but then again, they may be original design.

Evan Black

Yeah, they're just an original blaster design. I just threw together some elements that look "blastery," in case I needed to ramp up their damage output without players going, "Hey, that model of blaster can't do that much damage!" ;)


Heh, nice loophole you crafted there. :D And your design of the blasters turned out very well. ;)

Evan Black

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