Nat O'Vallar

Nat O'Vallar is a Togruta pathfinder who recently applied to join the SpecForce Pathfinders, after three years marooned on a world devastated by biological agents. He is a natural in carving a path through hostile wilderness. I envision him carrying an old blaster carbine on his back, a regular non-vibro machete and a staff-like equipment which can also be used as a quarterstaff, a rangefinder and a digging tool.

A request by Uron Teff, an upstanding holonetizen.

My first request done in a millennia. 2 hours digital illustration and coloring.


Nice job overall.

I like the foreshortening effect in relation to the upraised leg and staff-holding arm.

Uron Teff

Well the funny thing is that Hish uploaded the picture first to where I was checking the pictures for a Togruta. This one came up as most recent upload and I instantly liked it, although I did not check the artist at first. A couple of minutes later Hish IMed me with a link to the very picture I had seen and he had uploaded to deviantart.

It really is the character I had envisioned. Very nice.

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