Omega Squad

It's the squad!!

This is a fairly early 'team portrait' of my group, back in their Stormtrooping days. I really need to do an updated version of this- we've changed a lot since then!!

There's X1E7, aka 'Toaster', our 'protocol' droid, my Trandoshan, Tusserk aka 'Stumbles', who was back then the team's demolitionist and heavy weapons expert, our Twi'lek Captain, Lonar, aka 'Sir', our Zabrak medic/professional soldier, Nimeq aka 'Patch', and our Ryn stealth and interrogation specialist, Klopan aka 'Trips'. Initially one of Vader's secret projects, we later became one of his greatest embarrassments.

Many poses here lovingly referenced from the cover of the Saga Edition: Clone Wars book.


Heh, thanks guys!

Despite the simplicity of it, this has aaaalways been a favourite amongst the Squad. :)


Nice idea with the silhouettes.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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