Rimmer Coruscant

This guys been sitting around in my head for a while, so I figured I might as well get him out here. For those of you who are curious, I built the background out of little bits of pics of NY that I got off the internet, and when I got it to look the way I wanted, applied a filter to make it look drawn....


meh. Not fussy on this one. The hyper-realistic background really draws attention away from the subject...overpowering. I'd have blurred the background...or something.


Agreed - blurring the background would help to give the guy a look of speeding through the city, and also help obscure the very recognizably Earth-Asian signs.


he not actually moving at the moment.....if he was that would hurt, seeing as both his feet are still on the ground, lol....
*flying through the city*
"Wheeee!!!! look at me!!! I'm not usng me feet!!! Haha-Ouch!!!"
*eyes go wide*
"I think I lost something...."
*looks down, sees leg gone from knee down*

lol, Earth-Asian was the best I could do. I couldn't get any good pics of street signs on coruscant....and I figured Earth-Asian was better than enlish....


dude i like the background ! I love the mesh, its what im gonna do for a movie im making using allot of green screen.