Ryska Mor

Ryska Mor is a former pirate turned slave trader/Shipping magnate. She comes from Princess Tabithas storyline in her Star Wars Universe. As with most Zeltrons, Beautiful to look at, delightful to hold, delicious as Gorg and just as deadly as the poison made from their glands.... As per my usual, I wrote up a little short story: The cargo manifest was off by a ton. Ryska Mor had taken a brief glance at the data base as a cursory habit she had whenever one of the ships returned from the Outer rim territories. She turned to glance out the viewport into the the ship hanger from the office she was using. Her highly modified CR90 Corvette was being retrofited with experimental sensors 'acquired' by one of her suppliers. The maintenance crew on the bridge gave her a nervous nod of acknowledgement as she looked over her ship. Reports from her ship Captains stated that there were increasing firefights and stops from patrols and pirates. They didn't like it even when she increased the bonus pay for that route, but one Captain apparently didn't mind it too much. Sometimes his cargo was short a few modules or missing a handful of pleasure slaves. But this time, One ton of highly enriched fuel cells. Was he thinking her a fool? Did he think because he had extremely charsimatic terran features that she would let the errata go? Ryska turned back to her gravitable and asked the commbot to order Captain Nebekt into her office. She pondered the many ways she could interrogate Nebekt and wondered if she should indulge herself on him before vaporizing his being. It caused her natural Zeltron pheremone glands to start producing the essence that many felt almost unresistable. Under extreme cases she was able to elucidate confessions. She was almost never wrong, As though it mattered. Such was the bliss and utter confusion of those unaware of her wrath. There was a knock on the hatch and Ryska leaned on the table fully aware of the almost instinctual excitement as her own body reacted to her pheremones. She thought what a slimeball Nebekt was and how much she was going to enjoy the next few minutes.. Ryska Mor voiced in an almost enticing undertone: "Enter.."


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