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A new request from Seghast;

"Sen’s hair is a light blonde, a shade lighter than Fay’s, and were it allowed to hang loose, would be slightly past his shoulders, but he keeps it in a neat ponytail to prevent it from getting in his eyes when fighting. His eyes are bright green, and his facial markings are on the right side of his face (as opposed to Fay’s being on the left); his are a pair of parallel diagonal stripes that only extend halfway across his cheek, with the upper one originating from his ear and going downward and the lower one starting from his jaw and going up. As far as his height, he’s fairly tall; by comparison, Fay is barely as tall as his shoulder. He wears light robes, white or slightly off-white, trimmed in green. His hands are clawed (Fay, in our AU, kept her claws filed down so as to not be able to use them as a weapon). He’s very fit and the way he carries himself tends to intimidate most people.

Unlike his beloved Fay, he has zero problems with fighting and violence. He wears a light, blaster-resistant armor to provide some protection without hindering his mobility, very Eastern/Samurai-inspired, colored silver or white with the same trim as his robes, though he only wears pieces covering are the shoulders, bracers, chest, and legs, and aside from a few scratches and dings that simply won‘t come out, he keeps it meticulously clean. His weapon of choice is generally his razor-sharp claws, though he carries a Beskar sword similar (but not exact) to in design.

Fay had sought special permission from the Jedi Council for the two of them to be together, seeing as they came from a dying species (we find some inconsistencies with the assumptions that Fay was a Sephi, so we’re disregarding that and going with a homebrew species that‘s extremely endangered), and was prepared to leave the Order if she was refused. While the council deliberated the issue, Fay was sent on her final, fateful mission for the Jedi…

Sen lives as a space-faring nomad, roaming from city to city, planet to planet, and has always had troubling opening up to people and being friendly; most people find him to be an arrogant jerk with far too much pride for his own good. It was only with Fay that he was able to be normal and enjoy the simple things in life. Fay kept a small holo-projector filled with images of the two of them for the times when they were apart, and Sen always told her that it was a “silly and pointless” since they would always be reunited soon anyway.

As she left for her last mission for the Council, Fay entrusted the holo-projector to Sen, and now the “silly and pointless” device is his most treasured possession, as it is all he has left of his precious Fay.

I’m looking for an image that would have been contained in the holo, possibly a candid shot of the two of them somewhere, depicting the man he was prior to losing her, and the special bond they shared. He may or may not be in his armor depending on the locale/occasion, but his blade is nearly always at his hip (it’s a family heirloom and he’s reluctant to go anywhere without it)."

Lord Crumb

Excellent detail of emotion on his face and the faces in the hologram. The work just keeps getting better and better.

Kia kaha


Hmmmm, how do describe such a beautiful peice!

LC said it all right your great with the detail of concentration.!!!


It's beautiful, Mercy, and was well worth the wait. I can't wait til the next time my group gets together so I can show them!


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