Special Agent Tat Argota

Special Agent Tat Argota is a member of the Sector Marshalls, a now obscure law enforcement organization that has been all but forgotten by the Empire. The Marshalls uphold a strict moral code and enforce the law to the letter... within their capabilities. The Empire is contect to let the Marshalls uphold the law as long as it does not require Imperial assistance. Once that becomes the case, the Marshalls are, more often than not, removed completely from the case, allowing an official Imperial investigation to codemn any, and nearly all, suspects. As a result, the Sector Marshalls have become a close knit and very private group, often accused of vigilantism. Luckily, most local system courts still recognize the Marshalls' authority. Tat Argota travels a section of the mid-rim with his investigative partner R2-T22, or Deuce. Together they use the mobile crime lab in their vessel, the Eventide, to bring justice where they can.