Star Wars GM Screen: Pencil

It's taken me two weeks to get this pencil to the state it is in now and I am quite pleased with this. Meant to be a four panel GM screen 11x34 inches horizontal. I plan to sell prints once I am done.

Showing a scene in a hallway of some rebel operatives facing off against to me Imperials and a force user caught int he middle. Will he/she choose to join the rebellion, or lend their powers to the dark side? Who are the good guys? The down trodden who rebel against an unjust dictator....or the law enforcing troopers who signed up to defend the galaxy from anarchists?

Hope you like it and for more you can check out progress on my blog here or at my blogspot.



Jynxie, this is so damn awesome!
I wish there was a stronger word than 'awesome'.



I am putting Fantasmagorical and Scrumtrulezcent into my dictionary now!

Thanks guys, I'm so glad you like it.


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