Syris, Droid Smuggler Pilot

A private request by Jegergryte for his campaign, SY-RS2003.12 aka Syris is a unique droid smuggler pilot. He wields a T-6 Thunderer heavy blaster pistol.

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Lord Cygnus

I really enjoy seeing original designs by the artist here on SWAG. Especially when they incorporate something in their design that ties them to the rest of the Star Wars universe. Well done!


I now try to incorporate something from recognizable, or at least canonical from the Star Wars universe if the request is something unrecognizable as being Star Wars, for example a custom droid, a generic alien (like a cat-alien like Trianii or Srrors'tok) or a human. If it was a Rodian or a Sullustan, it would be easily recognizable as from Star Wars.