Tam Dawncaller

Swept on a whirlwind of adventure and intrigue, young Tam has taken an unfortunate turn to the dark side, beguiled by High Inquisitor Tremayne into believing that he'd been betrayed by- and had subsequently murdered- Fiola Shaku. A character from I.J. Thompson's Star Wars: Tapestry, a diceless play-by-post game.

Done with pencil and Photoshop.


Oh, what a beautifully expressive face! Can definitely see the regret in there, but like it could snap and turn hostile at the drop of a pin. I love it!

I. J. Thompson

Brilliant. Man, this character has come a long way. Evan, we need to see a 'timeline' of all of your Tam Dawncaller illustrations... it would be startling!


Love the sharp contrast of the figure against the blurred background. And kudo's for the expressive face too!

Evan Black

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