X1E7, aka 'Toaster', aka 'The Reaper', protocol/war droid hybrid. This guy is one heck of a character in our campaign! Started out simply as a quirky old droid we picked out of a junk heap on Tatooine, freshly memory-wiped, ready to do whatever we asked of him. A little later on down the track, we discovered him to be Force sensitive... and from there, the mysteries just kept compounding!!


You got it, Thespius! The great thing is, only a couple of the players actually knew what a Shard was at the time, so most of us (myself included!!) were basically as baffled as our characters.

What was even more fun? Even Toaster's PLAYER didn't know what he was- he essentially rolled up the character, said 'GM, give me a backstory, I want to have been memory wiped!', and it all went from there.


I love working with Shard concepts. :)
Nice work. ;)
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Only little nitpick here is , usually when a shard takes a droid body host, the droid's body becomes the Shard's body. It then nolonger is a common droid, but a unique living & sentient crystaline entity in a mechanical body.

Memory wipes don't apply to them, as the Shard takes over / overides all the memory and thinking capacity, including motor functions of the body.

Might've been a good idea to have a further explanation how the Shard became in that first comatose, then 'amnesiatic' state, and wound up at & found in the junkyard. Might even prove one heck of a neat & fun adventure for the group to pursue. :)

Here's a Wookiepedia link on Shards

I love the body design tho. Kinda neat with the yellow glowing eyes, like a Jawa's :)
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Hahaha, oh don't you worry, discovering Toaster's past has been quite the fascinating, ongoing saga in our campaign!! Our GM knows the universe pretty much inside out, and even then pores through Wookieepedia quite regularly... he'll tweak things here and there as suit his purposes, for sure, but for the most part he works hard to stay true to the SW universe.

As far as Tasoter goes, it turned out he'd also undergone some fairly intensive Jedi mind-tricking, which when combined with the workings of a brilliant mechanic had him fully believing that he was, in fact, 'just a droid'. It took us a loooong time to get to the stage where we found that out to be the case!


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