Umbra Tendrassa. (Request).

Umbra Tendrassa
Request: Special pin-up girl for a devoted Academy cadet. (the girl back home).
Complete notes used:
Umbra Tendrassa is half-Human, half Twi'lek. She has pearl-grey skin, dark blue eyes, lekku just past her shoulders, and long, wavy black hair. Umbra is curvaceous, much more Marilyn Monroe than today's skinny chicks. She could be lounging in her bunk covered by her bedsheet, possibly cuddling her favorite Verpine sniper rifle. A black metal necklace with a black id chip on it and a black metal chain anklet.


Like it a lot. For some reason I am captivated by the knees..??? Great job sir. And you've been crancking some out lately. More stable now?


Thank you. :)
That's because I'm in between jobs right now. lol ;)
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Really nicely done, and in a classy style! :)

Really nice idea with the Half Human/Twi'lek - both Lekku and hair.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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As the OP- @TNJadeonar

This is the daughter of the blue Twi'lek I had Mercy draw for me about four years ago (Sweet spice, has it been that long? How time flies....) As an RP player, it literally came down to a roll of the dice whether Umbra (this lovely grey lady) would have hair or not.

I had scoured the web over and was never able to find a Human/Twi'lek hybrid pic. I actually think this may be a first for the Internets. Possibly. I'm INCREDIBLY pleased with this.