Void Wraith

My favorite original alien species. Visually inspired by a cross
between the Shadows from Babylon 5, and the carapace/exoskeletal structure of crab-legs. They swarm like in Aliens, but are sentient, ruthless, and strong in the Force. The leg on 'top' permits the Void Wraith to navigate through micro-gravity on-board ships/asteroids/etc without needing to stay oriented to 'up/down.' The Void Wraith's mouth is a group of three 'limbs' capped by bony beaks. This entire appendage is normally kept retracted inside the thorax. These ugly
nightmares gained notoriety in my group by literally scaring one
player so much, he asked me to cover up the picture and take a break from the scene so he could calm his nerves with about a dozen cigarettes.

Medium: Ink