YT 1290 A

This ship is a precursor to the famous YT 1300 series. In my campaign, CEC is pulling out older designs, refitting them with upgrades as standard, and 'aquiring' R&D efforts of competitors to advance their own research. This model addressed several complaints that the YT1300s had, like better visibility. With the newer system upgrades, CEC hopes that it can compete with the light freighter market without having to completely R&D a new line.
This model sports an upgraded hyperdrive, a pair of laser cannons top and bottom, and an ion cannon firing forward. Escape pods are under the red circles, and all fire downward. Critical life support systems are hardwired, to allow for easier repairs and less chance of failure if ionized. The ship can run with a minimum of 1 and an astromech, but is optimized for a crew of 3 to 5.

Medium: MS Paint


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