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Mayfield Australia

40yo Motor mechanic.Own buisness.loves Starwars D6 2nd edition roleplaying(been a while though...see below).2 great kids(Girls 9 and 3) and the best wife that a guy can have( just wish the cancer thing would go away).Wished i had the scope of talent that other SWAG members have.Would love somebody to personalise my droid.
Most notable characters to date:
Chew Brakka(sorry about name he was my first character.didn't think he would last so long.)He was chewies cousin.Grey in colour,he was kicked out of clan after relieving a stressfull situation(choking the living s@#t out of somebody that desperatley deserved it).Went on to a glory filled career and becoming a high ranking member of the rebel alliance.our group was even mistaken for luke and the gang.Ended up with a hell bounty after using a light saber(had several in collection)to cut through a wall.somebody saw this and suddenly he was self proclaimed jedi.Died after killing a sith lord using cortosis blades(thermal detonator went off).

Ianba Wisyd a weapon instructor from house Cadriann in the Tapani sector.Not affiliated with either Rebel Alliance or Empire, He and his companions started a salvage buisness called Phoenix spare parts.He owned a highly modified YT-1930( semi-sentient due to droid brain intergration).He developed the buisness and earned a lot of credits on various "away missions".He ended up dying whilst riding his TAGGE AIR 2 SWOOP, shot down with missile whilst fighting anti-technology gang.

7-ZRK7 is a very old droid and Believes he's a protocol droid but he found that he has a carbine inside his right arm, a sonic blaster mounted in his head,a hud compass that comes up when in low visibility situations,a data retrieval system in his left hand,and armour plating.He is wondering about his previous role.He also goes around calling sentients "meatbags".He wrote a program that enables him to snore when shut down and has tied it into the ship intercom.It's quite fun.He does not know how to use any of the listed items due to memory wipes and re-programing. I'm hoping to rectify that.
He is similar looking to HK-47 but bulkier due to the armour. He's copper in colour although it's been a while since the last polish,About 2meters tall,maybe a dent or two.I'm building him up to be a droid tech(making other droids)due to him not liking "meatbags".

Thanx for reading.