Berdan - WIP (Done)


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Here are the work in progress snapshots of CorranFett's Berdan Ngajio Angantire.

The first is a very rough sketch of the character's post. The only major changes to its design are:

  • The removal of his right leg after I propped up the Mandalorian chest armor on it.
  • Turning the left leg and bending it at the knee, where the original leg is extended straight to the camera and we only see his boot sole.

The sketch is very simple because I'm inking it in myself next and I can just wing the details from here. All I needed is the general pose of the character.

The second is the digital inks with the sketch layer removed. The details are much more visible now. I'll probably have to run through this again to ensure the details are good before starting to color it. Perhaps I'll work on the left leg. It's twisting at a peculiar angle.

Edit: Third illustration is up with the revised leg, as well as an open medpac.

Edit 2: The fourth illo is up, with the color blocks. Coin-sized hole in the chest plate can be seen. You can ignore the intruder in the back.



Looking good Hish. I'd agree with you there that the left leg looks to be at an odd angle and slightly different perspective to the right leg. Maybe try getting in that position yourself and see what feels natural. Also the left hand looks a little small, but I like the pose it's in.
Can't wait to see the finished article! :D


Woah, this looks darn nifty! You captured him pretty well, great job so far! :D

My only two cents are that the hole in his chest armor is only coin-sized, a clean lightsaber cut, and his goatee is a bit longer. But it's okay that way too, if you can no longer fix it.

I can see Stu's points, too, perhaps the left leg should be tilted a bit more inward.

Apart from that, I totally love the idea! It's very original to go with a non-standard posture, and it works just great.

Thanks a lot for your efforts so far, anyway, I really appreciate that!

Once the inks are finished, could you perhaps mail them in hi-res to me at ? Maybe I'll give coloring it my own try, too, this looks awesome to work with. :D


Sorry, I meant it supposed to be coin-sized in my description, a clean stab through Berdan's father's heart.

Like I said, if it's too much work to revise that, it's cool as well. ;)

Thanks again for the efforts. :D


The new leg looks better now, and I really like the addition of the medpack.

His left hand still looks a bit odd, though..

In any regard, mad skills, man, way better than I could ever do. :D

Oh, and I'm sorry if I sound nitpicky... please say so.


Okay, alright. Another idea, since you're already having his armor stripped off, perhaps add his backplates (the back protection), too, because there's the same hole in there as well. I added that little detail as a plot point, that Berdan is too proud, self-confident and stubborn to have the hole fixed, and eventually, that might get him killed by backstab. :P

Just a thought, tho, it probably doesn't fit in there any longer, anyway.


Well well well, that is totally awesome, man!

I really like your choice of colors, and the chest hole looks perfect now, too. Perhaps go with an orange visor for the helmet and a more olive poncho, though... I think it fits better, dunno, your call. ;)

And one last thing, although you're probably adding that in the final as well... don't forget texture and colors for the ground. ^^

Can't wait to see the final, this is really shaping up to be one of your masterpieces. :D


btw, I just noticed you fixed his left hand now, too. It looks very realistic now, great job!


Oh, man... someone already took the "Excellent, Smithers" comment.

What the heck is he doing back there?