Male Togorian Jedi [Hisham]

I would appreciate if some artist could create my character named Ryavar Darek.

Ryavar Darek is a bold giant of his people, towering out of the crowd, even on Togoria.
Through his constant training, Ryavar has the physical condition of a proven hunter or warrior.
His fur is white with black stripes, like an white tiger.
He cuts his mane pretty short, so it does not influence him when fighting. His eyes are blue, like the ones of a kitten.
His robe with an fitting hood is white, the clothes under his robe are black, with the exception of the belt, which is white too.
Ryavar is an addept of the Makashi form, wielding two lightsabers(prefering silver as the blade-color), constructed to fit into his personal style of the Makashi form. The hilts are long enough to be wielded with both hands and have a slight curve, resembling the hilt of a katana.

Ryavar Darek is a male Togorian Jedi Guardian, who is around the equivalent of the human age of 20 years.
Though he does give his best to live true to the codex, he can't get rid of his inheritence, as his father is a great Togorian hunter.
Thus he often seems very introverted and quiet when around others, but when he can unleash himself in combat, he clearly shows his true nature, the nature of an hunter and warrior.
He was born in Caross, the capital of Togoria and was reared by his mother, who herself was a scientist, which includes that she is a pretty educated woman.
His father on the other side returned just ocassionally, when the hunting time had passed.
Therefore, he does not have an as strong relationship to his father as to his mother, but still he is male and his childhood idol was his father.
Though no one was aware of Ryavars bond to the might, he had some confrontations with the dark side in his childhood, that nearly ended with the death of others.
Around the day he would have become six years old, a rodian Jedi discovered the truth about Ryavar. After talking with his parents, he was taken away from his family and trained as an Jedi.
Although he was an excellent student and had a natural talent for lightsaber duels, his master still had some problems with the young Togorian, as he seemed to have problems to integrate himself into the group of the other Padawans.
Only through constant efforts, his master managed to solve the problems Ryavar had.
Then everything changed for Ryavar, as his master was murdered before his eyes. His master was more than just his teacher - he was like his father for him. Ryavar began to withdraw from everyone else and spent every minute on his physical and mental training, as he pledged to himself to be an Jedi, equally to his master.
Several years passed since then and today Ryavar is a bold giant of his race, showing the famed discipline and self-control of an Jedi, combined with the strength and the aptitude for fighting of his people.
Something else he somehow inherited by the Togorian culture is his ability to tame animals. Using this ability and his force abilities, Ryavar managed to tame a male tusk cat, who originally come from Naboo or Rori, but this particular one had been captured by poachers.

If you still have some questions - simply ask and I will do my best to answer your questions..

Ryavar Darek

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Ryavar Darek

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Ryavar Darek

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