Remlochs- New Jedi Order/Legacy-era Monsters [Hisham]

Hello again, all! I return with yet another request for our resident group of kind artists. This time around I present to you a creature, though some would more likely call them monsters, that the players of my Legacy-era RP recently encountered: the Remlochs.

Basically put, they’re the Star Wars-version of Gremlins, but there’s a little more to it. By the time of 130 ABY, spacers on the fringe tell horror stories, legends, of near-mythical creatures that had appeared at times since the Yuuzhan Vong War. Sneaking onto ships, the creatures enjoy playing pranks and causing havoc, ripping apart a ship until its just a floating shell. The stories say they have a blood-curdling, almost gleeful cackle and some of their actions almost belie an intelligence, but at other times they act like nothing more than blood-thirsty beasts with a hate for technology and all those they encounter on ships. Some say Remlochs have always existed in the galaxy but were long dormant until their slumber was disturbed by the extra-galactic invaders. Others say that it was the Yuuzhan Vong themselves created the creatures, perhaps bio-manipulating Kowakian Lizard-Monkeys, to wreak havoc and destroy the infidels traveling machines. It is also said that these creatures can survive in vacuum, perhaps leading to the thought that they attach to nearby traveling ship and make their way in from the outside. As well, Remlochs are said to be able to multiply by being exposed to Oxygen. One thing is for sure, though, is that few survive to tell the tales of attacks by Remlochs and no actual evidence has ever been found to substantiate Spacers’ tales of the existence of Remlochs.

Remlochs are vaguely humanoid creatures with rough hewn, scaly bodies of dark brown/green color. They stand roughly two to three feet tall, have long, thin pointed ears that run back along their head, lean bodies, stubbed noses against their head, slitted, red-irised eyes with scaly, spiked brows, a very short snout that ends almost beak-like with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and yellowish scaled ridges that went back from between its eyebrows and down its back. Their arms are long, reaching down to their feet, thin yet muscular with three long, clawed digits and their legs are short, pudgy with three small toes that point forward and have small claws.

Here’s some reference for what a typical Gremlin looks like from the movie:

I’m going for something that feels familiar with this design but is still original and doesn’t completely stick out like a sore thumb in the Star Wars universe.

I’m willing to go for any pose or any number of Remlochs in the picture. If there is a background, it’ll most likely be the inside of a ship with emergency lighting on. They are mischievious and destructive and love playing pranks with everyday objects like dental cleaner, toilet paper or deli meat as much as ripping apart a ship. That’s about all, in a nut shell. If someone feels so drawn to draw, I would be most appreciative and would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Thanks!