Male Iktotchi Jedi [Hisham]

Now that JawaStu has finished my last request – and done so astoundingly - I don’t feel so bad making my next request for another player in my roleplaying group.

Once again, I must stress that the group requires the pictures to be in a non-anime style (though some cartoon-ish styles are okay) and that the pictures have to be in full colour. That having been said, here's the request;

This time, we have Kon-Na Suun, our male Iktotchi Jedi. Once a Padawan during the time of the Old Republic, our Jedi managed to escape the Purge by stealing a Jedi starfighter and running into hyperspace, jumping from planet to planet until finally settling on Nar Shaddaa. There he was discovered by Vima-Da-Boda who took on his training. He managed to stay in hiding there for several years before finally Vima informed him that he had to leave as soon as possible as she sensed great danger if he stayed. Though he tried to escape in his Jedi starfighter, it was shot down by local thugs and damaged beyond his ability to repair. As such, he sought alternate transport off the planet, at which time he met up with our smuggling group. They agreed to attach his damaged starfighter to their ship and take him to another planet for a fee, which he begrudgingly paid them. While en route, however, the group was attacked by bounty hunters seeking the female Togruta player (who will be requested later). Though they managed to fend off the attack, the ships hyperdrive was damaged; luckily, our Jedi knew how to repair it and soon earned his place as mechanic and pilot aboard the ship. The Iktotchi is of standard build for his species, standing around 1.6 meters, and his Jedi training has kept him fit. Unlike most Jedi of the Purge, he has chosen to keep his Jedi robes but made some adjustments to them. Rather than the standard brown and cream colours, he has created a green and cream mix, with a dark green robe – any other adjustments are entirely up to the artist, but we don’t want him to look like a standard Jedi. He has also kept his green lightsaber which is his only weapon other than the Force.

As with my last request, this character does have his own droid. Artists can feel free to include it or exclude it at their leasure, it's not entirely necessary. This time, however, it's a modified R4-P-series astromech droid on an R2-series astromech droid body. The droid head can actually be seen in a picture on Kon-Na Suun's page (link is at the top of this request), but the body is green much like Whistler's which makes a stark contrast. Like I said - feel free to include the droid if you like, but it's not required.

Once again, I thank any artists who look over this request and doubly thank anyone who takes it up. :)

Lord Crumb

Jawastu has a picture of a Iktotchi Jedi Battle-Master in his gallery. You might want to check it out. Just thought I would mention it. :)


Oh trust me, I know. :P I've been a big fan of JawaStu's work since the site was last up...admittedly, it helps that he's taken up two of my requests...but his work is just amazing.

Unfortunately, however, the Iktotchi Jedi Battle-Master picture isn't quite right for my player. Other than the fact that the clothes are just not what he pictures himself in, Giin looks too experienced, too battle-ready, and a bit too "old" for our character. Suun is still just a lowly padawan, despite being 31 years old, and isn't too experienced in the ways of battle.

So while I do love that picture, it just isn't right for the character.

Lord Crumb

I understand completely.

We all have a mental image of what our characters look like before these very talented artist bring them to life for us. :]