Male (Kind of) Polydroxol Smuggler [Hisham]

I'm not sure whether or not it's allowed to have more than one request running at any one time (it's not in the rules) so if this isn't, then please feel free to delete this request and keep the other one open.

Sadly, again, I must stress that the group requires the pictures to be in a non-anime style (though some cartoon-ish styles are okay) and that the pictures have to be in full colour. That having been said, here's the request;

This request is for the ship's captain; he's a Polydroxol who boarded a pirate ship which visited his homeplanet, having been intrigued (as any Polydroxol would) by a strange metallic object. He soon learned to form basic human shapes through mimicking the crew and the crew later accepted him as one of their own, teaching him basic starship piloting and repair. Sadly for our Polydroxol, an attack by a rival pirate gang damaged the ship he was travelling in, causing explosive decompression. While almost all aboard were killed, the Polydroxol survived as it did not need oxygen to breathe and was able to seal off the cockpit of the ship by shapeshifting into a wall covering the passageway leading to the cockpit, thus saving our Togorian crew member. As a metallic shapeshifter, this character should be relatively easy to draw; imagine the Silver Surfer with a bit more bulk to him. Though he doesn't need to wear clothes, our Polydroxol is often found wearing a long Duster jacket (minus the zipper) as well as a blaster sling where he hangs his heavy blaster pistol...basically, the Wild West look, coming in at around 1.7 meters. He tries to hold a basic Human form most of the time, and can even replicate hair to a degree; imagine the BD-3000 luxury droid with slightly more realistic hair, though as a Polydroxol he can never form individual folicles, so it will only look like hair from far away.

Again, I thank any artists who take the time to read over the request.