death of a chatacter [Hisham]


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this is probably considered a strange request. my hero died last night... gunned down while he was saving a fellow hero. i ws running a blue/gray skinned draethos tech spec. i was holding a club and had a rucksack slung over my shoulder that i had just stolen for a client. we were escaping through a hatch when another hero rolled a 1 on a climb check. taking a full roynd action i pushed him up and out... only to be confronted and shot dead by the transdoshan. this odd i know... but it would be some way to remember my character.


Question: what exactly do you want in the picture? Just a character portrait (in remembrance) or do you want the whole death scene? Action pic? These details are helpful for artists who may fulfill the request.



a death scene. maybe smoke coming from some blaster wounds, my bat slipping through my fingers. and a look of shock...or maybe looking up as my character basically dies standing up. hope this is more specific.


hahahaha... thanks Hisham. you did a great job! i'm happy someone took my request. thank you.