Sharek Torma, Miraluka Dark Jedi [Mercy]

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Sharek Torma
Species: Miraluka
Occupation: Dark Jedi, Assassin and muscle for Black Sun
Sex: Female
Height: 1.77m (5'8")
Weight: 61.4kg (135 lbs.)
Hair: Brown (shoulder length)
Eyes: N/A

Sharek Torma is a Miraluka discovered in the lower levels of Coruscant by then Jedi Knight Wilhem Honson. It is unknown if Sharek was born on Coruscant or another planet and there was no sign of her parents or close family. Sharek was four years old when found by Wilhem Honson and living with a band of teenage criminals that populated the lower city levels. The teenage criminals were making use of Sharek as a scout since she could see through the Force and treated her badly if she failed to perform well. That is until Honson broke up the teenage gang and turned them over to the local authoritys. Wilhem sensed the Force potential in the young Miraluka and took her to the Jedi Temple for evaluation. The Jedi Council examined Sharek and she was accepted into the Jedi Order.

Sharek's initial training started well but the experinces of her life with the teenage gang caused problems with her fellow younglings. She would get into fights and was caught stealing a few times at the Temple but the Jedi Teachers did their best to help overcome these personal problems. By her thirteenth birthday, Sharek was chosen by Jedi Master Wilhem Honson to be his Padawan Learner. Master Wilhem had his hands full with her. She was always question his decision in matters and sometimes she would do things on her own but her criminal past always resurfaced.

During her Jedi Trials, she was to apprehend a minor crime figure in Coruscant's lower city levels. All went well at first as she tracked down her target and captured him. She recognized the man as being part of the gang she once belonged to and he revealed the truth of her origins. He told her that the gang had killed her family not long after they moved to Coruscant and she was just a baby at the time. The gang knew what Miraluka's could do and raised her to be their scout and then he laughed at her. This revelation unhinged her. The cruel treatment, the death of her family by the gang caused her to give into the Dark Side. While he still laughed at her, she stabbed him with her lightsaber and ignited it. Upon her return to the Jedi Council, she was questioned about what happened. She lied. The Jedi Council could sense the Dark Side in her and proceeded to banish her from the Jedi Order. Sharek hoped that Master Wilhem might come after her but he remained with the Jedi Council. She retreated back to Coruscant's lower levels and soon fell in with Black Sun, using her abilities and powers to bring herself power and wealth. She contracted herself out as an assassin and took a job for Black Sun to eliminate a informant on the planet Dantoonie. She would soon cross lightsabers with Jedi Padawans Liam Camwell and Eerin Lumna.

Sharek Torma is streetsmart and a skilled tactician. She also has a quick temper. Even though she gave in to the Dark Side and kills others indiscriminately, she still grieves for the family she cannot remember.

She is skilled in both variants of Form V lightsaber combat. She is also proficient in initiative, gather information, and perception skills.

Clothing and Weapons:
Sharek is dress in a dark red skin tight leather outfit with bare mid-drift. It is a blend of the bounty hunter Mira's outfit from SW:Kotor2 TSL with Daredevils mask from around the eye area the Daredevil movie. She carries a blue-bladed lightsaber and a DH-17 blaster pistol.

Mira picture -

Personal Apperance:
She is a woman who works out. Medium build. Gang tatoo around her belly-button (artist own design).

Sharek Torma is centered in the picture with a Coruscant cityscape background behind her. Blaster pistol in her left hand and the lightsaber in her right hand.


Yoink! The blog is up with the prelim sketch on it. I don't know about the pants and shoes - may change them...

The tattoo is of an Oroborous - a snake, or pair of snakes, eating it's/the other's tail.

Let me know what you think.


Looks like this one is going to jump the Taken forum, and go right to the finished pile... Nice job Mercy, and as I said on the picture.. Love the city scape.