Verpine Sniper/Tech [Hisham]


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This was previously posted as part of my Request for Two diffrent Character Pics. And one having been taken... I am re-requesting my Verpine Marksman.

Xri (Verpine)
Xri was a typical Drone. He had served time as Gaurd and tunle worker, so his carcapace is well developed without having any of the "softshell" unsightly bulging tisue that non-insectoid species see as a sign of physical prowess. He has a Mark VII Inquisitor Droid named "Shade" as a companion, wears light Leather armor and packs a longbarrel Sporting Blaster Rifle and Sporting Blaster Pistol. Although he is a Sniper by trade, he is a Tech at heart, as all verpine are. His chitin is Green, and his eye's a glassy Green/black (or suitable Color. The UAA is not that clear.) He is Force sensative, but not trained at all. Here is the link to his Background:…