Scarred TIE Pilot Force-user [Hisham]

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I've been wanting a picture of this guy for a long time now...

Name: Fen Palka

Species: Human

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Height: 1.7 Meters

Eyes: Hazel

Appearance: Fen’s body was badly burned after surviving the destruction of his. Despite bacta therapy, his body remains covered with a web of nearly invisible scars (note: the scars should be vein-like in appearance). In addition, many parts of his body had to be replaced with prosthetics, including both of his legs below the knee and his left arm. These prosthetics are state-of-the-art and can barely be distinguished from his real body aside from their lack of scars. Fen also has yet to see any of his hair grow back. At first glance Fen looks like a normal Human, but up close the price he's paid for the Empire becomes clear.

Despite his fearsome appearance, Fen wears his pilot's uniform with pride and doesn’t try to hide his face, having long grown accustomed to the reactions of those who have never seen him. His hazel eyes carry with them a little bitterness but also a deep intelligence.

He has had his prosthetic arm secretly modified with a compartment to hide his lightsaber. The blade color is purple.

Personality: Fen is fiercely loyal to the Empire and will do whatever it takes to achieve victory for it. However he doesn't serve it blindly. Many times Fen's conscience has gotten in the way of his duty, forcing him to walk a fine line between the Empire's wanton cruelty and the basic rights of its citizens. Unless it's proven that the innocents he's ordered to fire on have enemy ties, he'll do what he can to salvage the situation.

He shows no mercy to confirmed enemies.

Force Training: Fen hasn't much in the way of formal training in the Force and isn't solidly with the Dark Side or the Light Side, but somewhere in between. The powers he has used tend to be simple and to the point.


It looks great, Hisham! Better than I pictured it in my head.

The only criticism (and it's fairly minor) I have is that his skin tone is off. He'd have a normal pinkish tone to it. That's something I can fix easily enough.

Otherwise, excellent work. :)