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A request from Xanamiar I just couldn't pass up!

"This request is for a female Besalisk. A Besalisk is what Dex in the Diner on Episode II is. The wiki article is here ... She needs 6 arms, and she is a chef for my character Sietra the Hutt.

I was hoping that you might enjoy doing a palace scene with Zietra, a protocol droid ((any style you want)) and any other characters you'd like to put in, as well as my female Besalisk in the foreground offering a plate of food to the person looking at the picture.
As I said before, if you don't want to do it, I understand completely.. just let me know... By the way... ALL the characters.. including Zietra are all open to your own interpretation, and open to do what you wish with them. And you can put in as many characters in the scene you want, and any kind of races you want. It's completely open to what you want to do with it.

As far as Zietra goes, I would like to see something different from Jabba or any of the other really dull looking hutts :) ... but it's still up to you :)"



So this is quite a bit different from my usual - I tend not to do scenes, or pictures with multiple characters, very much. I think I might keep this to a simple colour wash to keep the feeling of motion in the picture.
By the way, yes I did run out of space, that's why the protocol droid is partly behind a plate... Oh well.
I don't know how well the Hutt has come out, I've never really tried them before, so she might turn out to be 'a bit different' just cause I can't draw her properly. Eh.


Image already being used by me .. here and here I'm figuring you were done Mercy, if not, I can always upload the new one :) .... Looks great :)


thanks Mercy, trying to get them all going... If you want to read the thread, it's called Cold Crime on the Main Board Timeline on :)