Eryk Tainer


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A request from DevJannz2;

"Eryk Tainer - Human Jedi Master

Details - Green and Brown robes, though he often had a green flight suit on under them at times. He has sandy brown hair and brown eyes. During a Force Ritual he gained feathered wings of a brownish gold color. 1.7m tall, average build. Lightsaber blade should be either Blue or Green."

The rest of the back-story and description can be found HERE.



Angel wings? 0_o
Oh well, I'm just gonna say that the artwork looks good. Similarities with "Scrap Jedi"; intentional or coincidental?

"Cut to the cheese already!"


Totally coincidental. The hair style is easier to draw, I guess! I'm still a bit unsure about the whole winged thing, too, but hey - whatever the requester wants is cool by me!

Thanks, LC - I think the sabers are improving. I know I needed a lot of pointers when I started! I think that one I did of the padawans for you went through a few revisions because of them!

Cheers, guys!


Hey sorry it took me so long to comment on this. I really like what you have done, though I imagined his wings to be a bit longer (think Angel from the X-Men).

Great work and thanks very much. :)


Right-oh. Sorry about the wings, but if it's close enough I'll call it done and load it to Gallery, k?