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Complete request as posted by zavulon_demonia;

"I am requesting an artist to take on my design for a smuggler/ship

Weight:220 (strong stocky frame)
He's the jack Burton of star wars.The only thing I am against is a solo or lando clone he is caucasian and very rough around the edges and by no means handsome more like this guy(who is me anyway)…
.Its a change from the avrage smuggler and such. Becuse why do all smuglers have to be handsome heros why not a real hero for real folk clothes Just the avrage gear for a corellian besides his pistol like him it is abit on the used side
his normal hangout is Dexs diner in coco town a real dive. in design hes not a slob but he won't stop to fix his hair in a blaster fight.

The ship is a corellian Light frieghter and is worse off then the falcon the ship it self is called the bantha steak express (a little nudge to kurt russel) which corellian vessel I don't know that I leave up to the artist since my gm will abide by whatever ship the artist chooses thats how bad this ship is on repairs. Just a small gun mount the easy stuff is there.

I really hope you take my request I love all the art but its too nice for this character."

This request has been up on the board since April, so it's probably about time it got done.
I haven't attempted the ship at this point, mostly cause I'm not terribly good at them and, besides, who knows how far he's progressed in his game at this point. I am considering doing a background icon much like the set up used for the Oma Yksilo picture - but we'll see.
Also, as this was basically a Charicature I might leave it as the pencil sketch rather than bother with colour. If the requester comes back after all this time (and a wee prompting email from me) I might load it to Gallery. However, since he was obliging enough to post a picture of himself, I will load that into the blog to save you all from cutting and pasting the address in order to see it.
Aren't I nice?



I love the detail, and the pose in this one Mercy, very awesome. Oh, and don't forget to sign it Mercy :)


Thanks man!
Yeah, I did re-load this as the signed picture but it seems to only want to show this on the editing page, not the actual picture...


Wow it looks amazing. The pose is somthing that says I am bad ass but I came to party so all in all I love it and can't wait.