Tomboy Lethan Twi'lek [aenid31]

Character name: Sha'Taah
Sex: Female
Height: approx. 1.6m
Weight: approx. 60kg
Profession: Spoiled Brat/Starship Designer

Sha'Taah is my character for the Star Wars RPG I am currently involved in. She is a young, attractive Lethan (red) Twi'lek who enjoys flying ships, but would prefer working on them instead. She is rather slim, yet weighs more than expected due the recent severing of her right leg just below her knee which was replaced with a huge, "Clunker" cybernetic durasteel leg. It looks kinda like this only polished durasteel:

Sha'Taah's forte may be building and modifying ships, but that's not all she does. She also takes pride in her highly illegal, and heavily modified DT-12 heavy blaster pistol
named "Paintwister". She increased the power of Paintwister's shots by almost twofold requiring her to increase the barrel size. In addition to this modification, Sha'Taah permanently mounted a shock whip (minus the hilt)
to her prized possession just below the barrel. She then applied a neat black and pink detailing to her blaster/whip. She has a holster on each hip. On her right hip, she carries Paintwister. On her left hip, she carries her heavy blaster pistol…
"Hammershot" for backup use.

She doesn't wear armor. She wears tight, black leather pants
that cover her left leg and are cut-off just above the knee on her right leg to make room for her "Clunker" leg. She wears a belt similar to Han Solo's…
with two holsters instead of one. She also wears a black leather vest (closed).
And of course she wears a slim, black boot
on her left foot. Any more random small accessories for her on her wrists or hands would be fine if not appreciated.

Sha'Taah is attractive, and her name may sound very similar to a derogatory term in Star Wars; however, that was a joke amongst me and my friends and I don't want her to defile the PG rating of the site. If the artist would like to put some tattoos maybe on her arms or lekku, then feel free. Just one or two, though. Nothing crazy like Darth Talon.

Do with it what you will:
I would really appreciate it if the artwork would be an action shot that really plays up her epic blaster/whip and her rugged attitude. I would also appreciate added emphasis to her cybernetic leg. Maybe the artwork could be of her in the midst of battle with the shock whip around someone's neck and blasting them in the face. Like this:
I don't know. Just something neat. Maybe even have a ship in the background (I know that may be too much to ask, which is why I will not specify the ship specs).

Thank you for your time,
-Beekhead out.


If you'd like, I could switch up some of the colors on this one and get rid of the name for you. Just mentioned cause the character and description seemed very similar. If you'd like you can still get your own though.

Just an offer. I would understand wanting a full body shot, or more personalized pose.


I really appreciate the offer, however, I did want a full body shot to show off her leg and to get an action shot as well.
Thank you anyways, though.
Nice job on the blue Twi'lek too.


The right Cyberleg and her slim left boot are a bit asymetrical and might make her klutsy in tight places. Not sure if Twi'leks coordination can compensate for this :)
(I'm talking about the 'look' as per your supplied links) Does 'Sha'Taah' you want it to look this way?

Also, (for clarification)the shockwhip is directly attached to the pistol (like a bayonet?) I'm assuming it's some sorta flexible material that telescopes out from the attachment or is it something simpler?


If you actually want some answers Aenid, I'd suggest pming him on the site, and hope he has a notification on his email. Since this is nearly 2 years old, he may not be around anymore.


will do.
I wasn't sure and was gonna give it a day before I claimed it (It's a cool, unique character!).