Inex Jonn and the Luminous Three

I.J. Thompson's request for a trio of deadly beautiful entertainer/assassins led by a charismatic Sakiyan master assassin/boss-pimp dude.

I. J. Thompson

Asok, this is absolutely great! One favourite element you've put in (that I didn't even mention - are you psychic?) is how the girls have very subtle differences in their costumes, so that Inex can tell them (and they can tell each other) apart... brilliant!

You know, as you were doing the blog, I think I fell so in love with the symmetry of the girls on their own, I'm starting to wonder if these would work better as two separate pictures, if it's not too late (do you still have it in layers?). What would be your thoughts on that? They all look so good, I worry about covering anybody up! Just asking, though - the picture is absolutely wonderful as-is.

Thank you, sir!


Sorry, I.J., unfortunately I flattened the layers for some after-effects (like shadows) and I forget to save beforehand, so the PSD is all one layer. :(

PS Does I.J. stand for Inex Jonn??


I. J. Thompson

Hey, no trouble at all - It's a beauty of a pic, either way! :)

And actually, I never realized that Inex and I had the same initials 'til I'd been writing him for at least a couple weeks! (and no, it's not an homage to Indiana Jones, either... :P )

Thanks again, Asok. I love this picture!


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