Adram Zanedi, republican officer [Hisham]

Hi everybody,

well I need your help...I've been searching for an suitable Avatar for one my RP characters. Perhaps someonne may help me... It is a doctor\physician who serves as an officer (Commander) in the service of the Republican fleet during the Mandalorian wars.

Basics: Adram is 36 years old, of high stature, slender, black haired and of lighter skin color. Normally he has a friendly expression o his face. The artist is free to decide whether he represents him in uniform or doctor's smock.

Character: Adram is an intelligent and educated man who is popular with his crew because of his good nature. He rarely has a bad temper, however, occurs always serious and authoritative. The doctor loves literature, the fine arts and Corellian wine.

History: Adram is born on Coruscant, as son of a engineer and a advocate. He visited during his childhood very good schools and studied medicine at one of the thousands of universities which are located on Coruscant. At age 23 he finished his studies and was persuaded by his brother to join the army. After some years on a military hospital he changed to the republican fleet, where he spent now over 8 years and reached the rank of a commander. at the time, wehen the Mandalorian Wars begin.

Well, I hope its a good request and that my English is understandable...;)

Thanks, JT