Female Twilek Scout [Hisham]

I'm looking for a portrait for my character in a game. According to the guidelines it says to give as much as I can about the character herself so I'm including her background as well as the description:

Tall, lithe, and lilac in color; She stands at a height of 5'8" her lekku are attractive, not large as she would like but not small either, a delicate middle ground would be best to describe them. Her eyes are a pale shade of blue, a contrast to her skin tone but nonetheless pretty. Her clothes though tight fitting are not very revealing; only enough to aid in her work. Black in color with purple lowlights to accentuate her coloring; True she has used many other clothes, some far more revealing to aid her in a hit but for the most this is her normal attire. Her headband is also black and wraps around her lekku down to the tips, purple strips of leather line it. The only thing that seems out of place is a choker around her neck, though also black has broken chains all around it.

What is there to say of Tar'ja's life? She was born, she was happy once, with family that loved her she thinks. It's hard to say, those days have gone; ask her of her family and she'll grow quiet, often giving a glare and a shot to your foot for even daring to ask something like that. Whatever it was that happened, it made the girl strong.
She made, not friends, but acquaintances with the right people, though only after a botched job of trying to steal from them. Still, seems those mercenaries liked her spunk; they took her in, taught her everything she could ever need in the ways of sneaking around and how to shoot a weapon. They taught her well, and the females there taught her how to use her looks to her advantage.

It was easy really, working with her new family. Playing the lost little Twi'lek girl to the hit, being taken in and leading her family straight to the kill. She'd always been praised for doing such a good job, she loved praise. She grew well, tall, lithe, beautiful was what some people had called her, though she hardly listened to them, they weren't important.
Once she was in her twenties it suddenly dawned on her after watching a family go shopping that her family didn't treat her like the children in the one she saw. If they did something wrong they were scolded but, why did they beat them for it? Wasn't that how lessons were taught? It would be later that she realized her role in the "family" had changed, that chains around her neck she thought were clothes were signs of being property, a slave. Her family had enslaved her all while telling her she was family.

The "family" had only a small moment to realize they had taught the girl too well, that her skills in sneaking around were better than they thought, but that was only for a moment before the life left their eyes for good. No one could prove she did it, no one even knew what happened; only that the authorities had gotten a call from someone, to find an entire mercenary clan dead in their own den.

She left then, on the first flight to the next planet, it was there she made a new name for herself as a solo mercenary named Tar'ja, just that and nothing more. She doesn't trust people; it's hard to trust after what happened to her though even to know that one would have to stay in her life long enough to ask.

"Tired of the corrupted governments, slave labor, minimal rights endless wars? You can put a stop to it, you can make a difference. You can be the hero!" Was the sign that caught her eyes one day as she walked by from another job. She was tired of how things were and of killing for a living, a hero? Could she really be a hero? The thought was intriguing and made the twenty-two year old woman smile, yes, yes she would be a hero. And with a nod she made her way to enlist.

As a note as this campaign as been going on she's developed feelings for a human Jedi male that's made her loosen up only around him. She has a smile that she calls 'his smile' as she doesn't around the others; she's begun to befriend her first female friend as well. I hope all of this is helpful ^^; Thank you very much for reading and taking an interest!