Inex Jonn, Sakiyan ne'er-do-well! [Hisham]

Hello, SWAGgers!

I've come once again to supplicate myself to your awesomeness! You see, I have this Sakiyan villain named Inex Jonn (masterfully drawn in the past by Asok) who, though once an NPC in our game, has now become my full-fledged player-character. And since he's switched careers from entertainment management to bounty hunting, I thought it was high time to give him a makeover!

Like most Sakiyans, Inex has jet-black skin (or very dark grey - whatever suits your purposes), an enlarged, bald cranium, pointed ears, and generally sharp facial features overall. He's more of a thinker than a fighter, and more often than not, has a wicked twinkle in his eye.

I've been reading a lot of old-school Marvel Star Wars lately, and I think a costume in that 'campy' vein could be a lot of fun. Specifically what that may mean, I'm not sure... a red flight suit with silver boots and gloves springs to mind, but I'm totally open to suggestions (he did recently steal a flight suit, however). In terms of equipment, Inex really only carries a fairly ordinary blaster pistol, preferring to let his droid 'companion' LX-00 take care of the rough stuff. Here's a recent scene involving the two of them, offering a glimpse into Inex's state of mind:


Inex Jonn stared down at the transport's four crewmembers, lying electrocuted at his and his companion's feet. "This counts for the next four days, right?"

"Negative," Ellex-Zerzero disagreed. "You provide one victim each day, or I kill you."

Inex gulped, planning his words carefully. "Lex, we could be in hyperspace for any number of days. You're not going to get anywhere without a pilot."

The rusty, fearsome droid appeared to consider. "Clause: time in space exempted from agreement."

Inex grinned a mouthful of sharp teeth. "I always knew you were a clever droid, Lex. And what, perchance, happens if I keep us in space for an extended period of time?"

"I kill you."

Inex's grin disappeared. "Fair enough. Now, I must see to finding us a destination. If you'll excuse me?"

The droid's silence was all the permission Inex needed, and he quietly made his way to the bridge, mind already calculating. The first step, of course, was to lose the droid. But as Inex would much rather escape from the torture droid than fight it, that first step would have to wait. But when he did manage to shake Lex, what then?

The amusing thought occurred to Inex that, for the first time in his nearly fifty years, he could take a job. Just as quickly, Inex laughed it off; a job was something he could do without. In his opinion, common employment was for people with no self-respect, no imagination, or both. And even if Inex got a job, half his earnings would end up being taken away by the government, who would use it to put more stormtroopers on the streets, more TIEs in the skies. And that was something Inex Jonn could do without, too.

So, it was back to the old rackets, then. The most recent of which had been assassination. Inex thought back to his time with The Luminous Three (how were Amra and Celeste now? And Veah, Force rest her soul? Inex wished them all well) and couldn't deny that his adventure with the clone girls had taught him a valuable lesson:

If you're going to be in the business of killing strangers for money, have a droid do it.

Yes, it would be a waste not to get the most of Lex's talents, while they were together. And if Inex was going to be sacrificing endless citizens to the droid's insatiable, electrical hunger, he might as well be getting paid for it.


The talent here at SWAG is just so astounding, I can't stop coming back! I never thought I'd ask to see a character drawn a second time, but since Inex is now my main character, I'd love to see him updated. If any of you amazing artists would like to have a go at him, I would be completely thrilled! :)

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I. J. Thompson

Wow, I'm excited to see what you do with him, Hisham! I love your work, especially your recent illustration of 'Jax'. I really dig your use of watercolours... they're used so rarely these days!

If you'd like any more info on Inex, here's a link to his Wiki page.

Thanks again! :)

Star Wars: Tapestry - a play-by-post roleplaying game for everyone... good OR evil!


I'm excited about this one! Can't wait to see what Hish is gonna do!


I. J. Thompson

Hats off to you, sir!

I love this illustration, and left my comments on the page itself.

Thank you SO much!!! :)

Star Wars: Tapestry - a play-by-post roleplaying game for everyone... good OR evil!