New Look for Female Gand Jedi [Drig]


With the start of this New Year, I wanted to make a new request for my old character Gannuk Kanikorr.You can read the original request here.

The point is that I'm about to finish training under my beloved master and, if the Force is with me, I will pass the Knight Trials and become a Jedi Kight by right in the near future. I would like very much to have a picture of my character to show when I'm finally knighted.

To sumarize the things one should know about Gannuk Kanikorr, I will say she is a young Gand female (yes, a female). Physically, she's rather tall for her species, with a deep orange exoskeleton, and grey eyes with light blue reflexes. As most Gands do, she wears a breathing mask and has just three fingers in her hands.

Now, what's new about her? Well, during the lenght of her training Gannuk realized she was a skilled warrior, but she realized too that in war there are always innocents who suffer. This suffering and the destruction left behind by every battle, led her to feel the urge to seek a way to counterbalance this emmanations of the dark side. She became interested in medicine and force healing, and soon joined the MedCorps. When she gets finally knighted she will become a strange mix of a highly skilled lightsaber duelist and a jedi healer.

What I wanted some artist to do, is to create a new outfit for her combining traits of the attires of the Jedi Healers and of more common Jedi robes since she is going to be some kind of warrior-healer hybrid. My idea was to have Gannuk dressed in a sleeveless empire style gown (the waistline of the dress just below what would be the bust), with long black leather gloves reaching to the elbow, and a jedi cloak with short but wide sleeves. About the colours, I like the surgical green (or any variation)for the gown, but I'm not very sure about having a white cloak... The clothes should be a little worn, from usage at the battlefields.

She's got a lightsaber with a yellow blade, but I don't think it should be displayed. Instead, I would love to see her standing still, with a calm look displaying some kind of force healing power with one hand over a little animal she's holding in the other.

I think that would be all.

If anyone is interested I would be very grateful. However, since the original art for the character was made by Asok, I think he should have the right to claim it over anyone if by some kind of luck he is both interested and has the time to do it.

Thankyou everyone for reading, and have a happy new year!


I'm highly interested in this request! I see that Asok made it ambiguous in his costume design as to whether the grand female have breasts, my reason for bringing this up is that empire gowns often hang from the neck and can emphasize the form of the breasts, so I have to know, are you a non breasted alien? I can just picture this request! Cool character. When you become knighted will you refer to yourself in conversations?


Well if Danikreuzer will have me, I know they mentioned they would like Asok to claim it?


Hi everybody!

Well, I would have any artist here, you all guys are awesome. The point about Asok was that since he made the first picture of the character I thought he should have the opportunity of making this one also, if he was interested.

I remember talking with Asok about breasts too... I haven't found any accurate description of the female Gands, so I made it up from nothing. As an insect alien I thought she shouldn't have breats in the strict sense of the word, but her exoskeleton is indeed more voluminous at the part of the bust. So, the thing is there's no real breast but dressed she does look like a female of a more human species. What I really wanted is that she could be easily identified as a female, and well... breasts or something similar seemed the easiest way to accomplish it to me.

When I started roleplaying her I thought as a padawan I would only refer myself as "Gand" or "this one", and with knighthood I would start calling myself Gannuk in conversations. I wanted to use first person only once I achieved mastehood, but seeing how long it may take to get there I may start to use it by knighthood... :)

I would be very glad if you claim the request, Drig. So, as far as I'm concerned you can have it. You'll make a fine piece of art out of it, for sure!


Ahaaa! Looking forward to seeing you do this, Drig!

A fine description of an unusual AND obviously very well loved character, can't say I didn't have half an eye on this request myself... very glad to see it picked up. :D


Haha I just read the original request again and I think it's funny both Asok and My first question was about the breasts.

I'm glad to do it!