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Okie-dokie! New Request from Trisskar, this one for a family pic with everyone as characters from Star Wars!
This one will take me a while, I suspect...

Picture Description: For the most part I figured that I will leave most of it to your discretion. Family photo shot like picture. I was thinking of having the kid's in front pestering the family cat Kaze. Other then that no real preference. This picture is shot more in the future then current, hence the older age's listed below.

The Ar'ran family live on a small farm/estate in the more forestry regions of Corillia. Often enjoy going on walks, picnics, and being out in the nature of their home planet

Emrys Ar'ran (Mother)

Species/Race: Human
Name: Emrys Ar'ran
Gender: Female
Age: Early 30's
Height/Weight: Average
Hair Color/Style: Reddish brown
Eye Color: Hazel Green ---- Emrys is usually played as blind in most of my role plays with her. Sometimes with...and sometimes without a preference here
Body Appearance: Average
Home Planet: Corillia
Allegiance: The lightside of the Force
Profession: Jedi/Mother
Armour/Clothes: Corillian Jedi Robe's (Black and Green)
Primary Weapon(s): Single Blade Lightsaber (Green)

Mindas Ar'ran (Father)

Species/Race: Human
Name: Mindas Ar'ran
Gender: Male
Age: Mid to late 30's
Height/Weight: Average
Hair Color/Style: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Body Appearance: He looks like a cross between The Secret Apprentice and the war general from “Avatar”
Home Planet: Corellia
Allegiance: Cor'sec
Profession: Cor'sec Trooper/Father
Armour/Clothes: Cor'sec Trooper Armor And/Or Urben Camo Pant's Black T-shirt (Artiest Preference on clothes design here)
Primary Weapon(s): A Really, really Big Gun! :-p......Dagger and other various trooper stuff

Note: My husband say's after reviewing description ~ ”You forgot to add that Mindas Ar'ran is ruggedly handsome and that he makes all the women swoon. ;)”

Personality: As you can see in the note above :-p Mindas is overly confident, arrogant, charming, and love's attention

The Kids:

Species/Race: Human
Name: Kairi Alexis
Gender: Female
Age: 2....4ish
Eye Color: Stormy Blue
Armour/Clothes: Corsec Trooper outfit matching daddy. Helmet or a headband with tiger ears to match (Her zodiac is a White Metal Tiger)

Species/Race: Human
Name: Not yet picked out
Gender: Female
Age: 1....3ish...
Eye Color: dunno :-p
Armour/Clothes: Corilian Jedi Robe to match Mommy. Hood up with bunny ears (her Zodiac will be White Metal Rabbit)

Family Pet
Orange Tiger Cat



Looking great so far!!

questions from my husband: Can she play with different color base's instead of orange? like maybe green or something? Also can she make the pants have Urben Cammy stripes?

I know that the CorSec Trooper from --> has orange and he's willing to keep it if must but thought it be nice to try different colors out (maybe he's a special line of corsec trooper :-p) yea....he doesn't like orange if he can help avoiding it. ;) :-p


Gotta say, I really like the colour palette going on!! It's very soothing. Of course personal colour preferences can't be helped, and if Mr. Ar'ran really wants something else then I can understand why you'd want to respect that!! But- I think it's because it's reflected in the cat, the orange really works as part of the image's overall colour scheme.


Aye, I agree. I'm just the messenger :-p Even he said it looked good just that orange was such a "odd" color :-p I reminded him it's star wars :-p orange seems the norm in this universe's unifors. If a different color can work...great!! If not... full speed ahead. I was thinking maybe red. That way it keeps the warm feeling but isn't orange :-p


Oh sweeet!! Love it! And he says MUCH BETTER! He does say the Grey camo need's to be just a bit darker though...but other then that he is really liking the way it is turning out ^_^


Hey Triss - glad he likes it.
Thing with base colours is that they should always be lighter than the end result, as the shading has to go over the top of it. If we get to ther end and he says it's still too light I can darken then, k?


yip yip I kind of figured that's what was going on anyways :-p I'm just the messenger :-p Looking forward to seeing more!


Okay, initial shading done.

Sorry this is taking so long - I've been sucked into DragonAge II...


Ahh Dragon Age...How is 2? Been debating getting it. And this is A fabulous pic Mercy, You always put such life into each and every character.


Cheers guys!

DragonAge is great! 2 Not as good as 1, but better than Awakenings, I think...


Nawwwww, looking lovely!

And, ha ha... I am currently listening to Dragon Age 2 being played through for the THIRD TIME since it appeared in this house. ;)


Third time?! Dude, Impressed!!
Yeah, I want to play this again as soon as I finish it! I think I got to about 5 times with the original...
Woo! Dragonage!!


My husband is a very dedicated player... I believe it was 12 times he went through number 1? Hahaha. Which suits me fine, because it means the computer is aaaaall miiiiiine....!!


Yay!! we love it!! When it's done and up can you e-mail me the high res version so that we can get it poster-ized? Its going up on our wall ^_^