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Request from DarNamell;

"... my character is an ex-Imperial army officer who now works in the government and also runs a shipping and commercial venture.
So, either have him in Imperial uniform, he's a Moff these days if that matters, or in some kind of either suit or even a high class smuggler outfit I suppose. The officer's route could have a military base or some kind of government office/building background and the businessman could either be in a club (he runs one called Kindred Spirits) or with a ship behind him; either a random transport or his Citadel Cruiser or Morningstar fighter, or just a shipping area/spaceport/whatnot."

"character is 40-ish, male, olive skin, brown eyes, same with hair but going gray at the temples."

"Basically, the officer side *is* dry and boring. The business magnate bit has been fun to write about. Taking a store from it's meager beginnings, turning it into a large commercial venture with shipyards, space stations, planets, a pet pirate gang to help enforce shipping lanes, etc. has been much more interesting. Kind of a Lando Calrissian meets Richard Branson kind of approach. Much gambling, drinking, fighting and scheming against all comers. The ship and fighter I mentioned are the basic modes used to go explore new ventures and to get into the 'more trouble than bargained for' kind of stories."


Okay, So these are a few snippets of description from the PMs sent in request of this picture. I have to admit that I am still having trouble getting a feel for this character, but I'll give it the old college try!
The main thing that interested me was the idea that this guy had risen to be a Moff, but it wasn't really who he was - he was a rogue, a schemer and maybe even a thrill-seeker. So I had this kind-of idea of him, dressed in his Moff uniform, leaning against a wall and dreaming of the blue yonder as he looks out towards one of his prized ships.
So here's the first sketch, I'll get to work on the background next...


Eben Shadestalker

love the idea behind this picture and the character speaks to me... i may just steal him sounds like someone my Ex main characters Daughter Zara Gra'tua would mix with bic ori mesh'la vod'ika (translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother )


Heh! Glad you like, Eben!
As I say, I have found it hard to get a feel for him - but I'm glad he speaks so well to you! I guess it must be just me ;o)


Okay, I think this one's done.
Haven't heard from the requester yet, so if there's still no comment by tomorrow I'll just post it to gallery and hope it's all good.


I like what you've done with the request... I reckon you've done a good job creating an officer type who's more than just the 'stiff upper lip'! And the background definitely adds a bit of extra interest to the piece as a whole.


Morningstar! I love all those mercenary fighters from that game. Awesome.



Thanks Mercy. I apologize. I have spent the last week prepping and having in-laws over so, well, you know how *that* might go.

Excellent work and thanks for tackling the project.