Nommi, female gungan scout [Hisham]


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Hello the artists !

Here's a new request :

Physics: Nommi is a young female pink-skinned gungan (like Fassa and Peppi Bow) who bound her long, floppy ears together behind her head. She is very slender. She is particularly feminine and seductive for a Gungan. She is a very pretty gungan... and she knows it.

Equipment: She has a light shirt without sleeves and a small short. She wears generally a survival knife and a backpack. She wears three earrings on each ear (simple rings).

Other information: Nommi studied forms of life of many planets. She knows the dangers of natural environments. She can help guide tourists, scientists and adventurers through the wilderness of Naboo and a few other planets.

Thank you in advance !


Thank you, Asok. I need this pretty guide for my RPG...

PS : Dude, I love your art. ;)
Your latest Selkat Medic is awesome !



The position proposed by Hisham is really dynamic and interesting.
But I also need a version of this character simply standing on a white background.

Thank you, if you can.