Senate Bureau of Intelligence Special Agent [Hisham]

The character is a Special Agent with the Senate Bureau of Intelligence, or SBI. It was the primary civilian intelligence service for the Galactic Republic and was tasked with providing the Galactic Senate with domestic and foreign intelligence and to investigate possible security threats, both external and internal, to the Senate and its members. He operated during the Clone Wars.

He carries a shoulder holster. He is human, medium complexion-"Latino" male with a buzz cut nearly bald and sometimes wears a neat soulpatch and sometimes goatee.

He likes to wear "motorcycle" jackets similar to the yellow jacket Luke Skywalker wore when he was conferred his medal after the Battle of Yavin. He wears shoulder holster. He sometimes wears it under the jacket or over the jacket depending on whether concealment is needed. I have not seen any shoulder style holsters in the SW Universe.

He has no other marks or tattoos.

I would love to see what anyone can come up with.

I am free to answer any questions!!


Agent M