My Kids Created 3 Interesting EotE Characters - Help Us Visualize Them? [Hisham]

I just finished the Edge of the Empire Beginner Box with my kids aged 12, 9, and 7 and they absolutely loved it. They immediately got to work planning their own characters for further adventures and I'm so proud of how creative and excited they were, I'd really like to give them an image of their three characters together. If anyone would be willing to help with that, I'd be tremendously grateful. Just a plain white background would be fine, but if you wanted to do a background what I can see most clearly in my mind from their previous adventure were scenes of their escape from Tatooine. Perhaps the three of them pressed against a wall and desperately looking around a corner for a clear escape route while Stormtroopers search for them. With that said, here are the characters...

Claire, a 17 y/o human female thief played by my 12 y/o daughter. Claire has the rare distinction of having been raised in an environment of wealth and privilege on Tatooine. Her family operated an enormous livestock ranch with lucrative Imperial supply contracts. Claire's childhood, however, was restless and unfulfilled and she slowly drifted toward a life of criminality, culminating in the theft of her family's entire fortune. She was deceived by people she trusted and had planned to return the credits after a black market investment, but it's all gone. Her family are basically destitute and the ranch is now owned by the Empire. Attempting to escape the shame of her mistake and determined to somehow restore her family's fortune and her own honor, she slipped away in the night to navigate the Empire's criminal underbelly alone, or so she had planned...

R2-79 astromech "Squeak", played by my 7 year old daughter. This R2 unit was a trusted family companion working on Claire's family ranch. Claire and the droid were unseperable during Claire's childhood and although the paint is scratched and worn with age, the droid's shell is still mostly pink and adorned with painted flowers of purple and blue; crudely drawn by Claire's primitive childhood hands. On that fateful night, after Claire had been locked in her room as her parents loudly argued her fate, the little droid Claire had dubbed "Squeak" silently whisked across the stone floor of the family's palatial home and navigated the pathways between lush floral installations of the family's gardens to arrive at a well hidden exhaust vent behind a garden sculpture. Typically the droid would observe from afar and whistle softly with worry as the grate would open, and out would creep Claire for a night's activity free from the imposing walls of her family's compound, but R2-79 knew this night would be very different. As Claire emerged from the vent, she was initially surprised to see her lifelong friend but only debated with herself briefly before motioning for the droid to follow her as she crept into the cool desert evening. The droid is utterly devoted to Claire and will protect her at all costs, desperate to see her through to her goal of restoring her honor and returning to her family.

Dutch the 50 y/o male human smuggler, played by my 9 y/o son. Dutch is a veteran of the Clone Wars, having been created and trained on Camino as a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. Dutch was trained as a pilot and flew his assault transport on dozens of insert & evac operations prior to the execution of order 66. Dutch was ferrying two Jedi generals when the order was received and his transport was immediately targeted by friendly anti-aircraft batteries. Both Jedi and the aircraft's supplemental crew were killed instantly when multiple homing missiles slammed into the rear quarter of the aircraft and when Dutch's body wasn't found in the burned wreckage he was presumed KIA. In fact he had been thrown clear and although seriously injured he was nursed back to health by a local tribe. He suffers from near complete amnesia, although his combat and piloting expertise is so ingrained that he operates largely from instinct in these areas. He has an abiding distrust of the Empire, although he doesn't know why, and he feels deeply distraught when hearing talk of Jedi or the Clone Wars. For now, he gets by with his wits and his pilot skills as a smuggler, ferrying cargo throughout the galaxy. He has a prominent facial scar from his crash and the close cropped grey hair of a veteran who still practices ritual field grooming. Visual inspiration for the character was taken from Kal Skirata, by Brian Rood. Dutch now finds himself ferrying a human girl and her droid off-world and although he typically feels no connection to clients or cargo, he feels strangely protective of Claire and on several instances during their escape he has acted against his better judgement to protect her, although he rationalizes this aloud as a protection of his investment.

That's what they've got so far, if anyone would be interested in taking on the request the kids would be thrilled. I'd be happy to talk to them in more detail about what their characters look like or specifically what they're wearing if that additional information would be helpful. 

Thanks for reading!


Looks like you guy's had a lot of fun. I know that Hisham ran the start campaign with his son and enjoyed it as well. I hope someone picks this up for you..


Yeah, they had a blast. I was a bit nervous when I picked up the box, particularly for my 12 y/o daughter. Pre-teen girls are fickle creatures, but she actually enjoyed it the most. Before I bought the box I googled around for parent experiences with it and I read Hisham's write up before I even knew about SWAG. It's cool to see his work here now after reading his write ups.

Anyway, thanks for the comment - hoping someone takes interest in the request!