Kachi, my Lasat OC before the glory days of the Empire and one whom I've been working on for about a month and a half.

Not going to spoil much on him, I'll let you guess as much as you can as I work on pictures and references. Most I can say is that no, he doesn't know any of the rebels nor interacts with them. He's part of his own gig with several other character's of mine and my brother's. 

Kachi and art belong to me

Lasat belong to GL

Okay, I've been messing with this idea for some time now.  And I wanted to bring it to everyones attention.

I'd like to get all of our artists ((who would like to help))  to get together and make a SWAG Sabacc deck.  I'd love to see each of the face cards done by a different artist.  


Now, after doing research about Sabacc there are two different decks.  I'd like to use the Centran deck, to get more artwork into it. 

Apologies about the blogs. I've got them back to a working state. Send me a message if you find issues there (or anywhere). I've also looked into what's happening with notifications and will take steps to remedy that very soon. Sometimes during a site update you miss a thing or two, it's just how this goes. :-(


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