Playing swtor is pretty much all I get in terms of Star Wars RP at the moment, and while it pales in comparison to a tabletop campaign at least it's something. I put together a Trooper character recently so I can actually do the storyline for it (I've done agent a billion times and really... really need to get through the others ahaha) and I've gotta admit the weapons are fun. :P

by: Tusserk

We are officially back online. I apologize for the long outage. There were a couple critical security issues that had to be handled and in the course of doing this, various other issues arose. What looked to be routine maintence turned into a multi-week project with a bit of debugging. We are back though and all is well. Let me know if anything looks amiss and I'll prioritize fixing it asap.

Thanks for your patience as always!


So we had a bit of spam lately. I deleted a good 600-700 new users. I honestly believe most of those were spam, however it's possible a few new users got lost in the pruning. If there are any issues, feel free to hop into irc and ping me. I'll help get new users going again if necessary.

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