Soooo, species of the month has ended up being a decent enough excuse to do up a portrait of the first characters I played with my husband on SWTOR, haha. Mirialan Jedi, though Sparrow really should have been kicked out of the Order a long, long, loooooong time ago.

Anyway, here they are, in case their likeness can be of use to any GM out there!

by: Tusserk

The time is here for all to share!  ....  

This time the Species are Mirialan, Miraluka and Space Monkeys ((Including the Kowakian Monkey Lizards))

And in honor of the new Star Wars films, let's put the time period Post ROTJ...   So let your creativity fly with what the "New Republic" and the "New Empire" would be wearing.

And let's go with Brawlers/Teras Kasi and unarmed specialists for the profession.


Note:  You can use one, or all of the above in the image.  So don't feel limited to doing a Mirialan Brawler, do a Jedi if you like.

I was going through the request forum today and noticed that we have quite a few Character and Non Character Requests.  

After all the time I've spent on this site, I know that many of our artists do one or the other, or feel like doing one or the other.  I've made it easier to sort through the requests by splitting our Request Forum into two.

Character Requests Forum

This forum is used for all Characters the ones you play.  ((I left some NPCs in here as well since they are playable races))  This Forum is pretty self explanatory.

Non-Character Request Forum

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