Teenage Sasha

Teenage Sasha

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New Request from Xanamiar.

Reprisal of an old picture (blog here), Sasha is now a teenager and has been sent back in time...

I'll load two pics up - one shows the etchings I want to have on her wetsuit. These mimic the various Polynesian traditional tattoos, especially Tongan and the Samoan Malu (women's thigh thigh tattoos). Since surfing originated in the Pacific I thought this would be a nice, but subtle, nod.
The other pic is with the etching removed so you can see what her stance is without them.

~ M

Background up...

a) that is some intense detail going on there! Whoooa!
b) LOVE the background.

Cheers Tussy!!

I think this one's done!

Large version on DeviantArt HERE...

Totally Awesome Mercy, as always.. thank you very much.

No worries, Sunshine!!

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