Starrunner WIP

Starrunner WIP

This is a WIP for request -

The first pic is the base modeled referenced.
The second pic is a simple box before any modeling.
The third pic adds the wings.
The fourth pic adds the main blaster cannons.
The fifth pic adds the cockpit cones and the curved edge to the bottom of the wing. I also shrunk the blaster cannons to make them look less gigantic and unwieldy.
The sixth pic adds some details to the top of the hull, adds a turret and changes the color to make it less loud.
The seventh pic adds more details, mostly hull details.
The eighth pic adds the main engines, sublight engines and some pipe details.
The ninth pic adds armor plating to the sides and front. Added the holocomm and radar dish as well as some extra engines.
The tenth pic is the final picture with hull textures and accent coloring.

This is now done. :)

Looks good.

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