New Theme!

Ok, so you should be seeing the new theme at this point. If you're on Internet Explorer, I apologize profusely as I've done NO testing what-so-ever on it in IE yet, and I suspect it is VERY broken. This will probably have to wait until thursday night. Until then I suggest you go get Firefox.

I've honestly not trouble shot the VAST majority of the theme yet, however I just couldn't hold on to it any longer, so I've gone ahead and published it. If you see things changing, then that means I'm working on it. I may change back and forth between this theme and the previous one a few more times just so that I can work without screwing everyone up.

I'm heading to Gencon come Wednesday, so expect me to disappear for a little bit. I should show back up a little while at the con and obviously afterwards. I'm hoping to get the images sorted before I leave, but no promises.

More new art continues to come in. It's looking great and it feels wonderful to actually be pulling in new art again. I'd like to see more, so as you all have more ready, feel free to upload it. Again keep in mind that I'll be at gencon this week, so approvals may not happen as quickly as they have been.

Kris "Eclipse" Vanderwater